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Origin Accounts

[ Origin ] Random Origin

[ Origin ] Random Origin

Games that can be in accounts origin: Battlefield 4 Battlefield 1 Battlefield 5 Battlefield 3 FIFA 2018 Apex Legends Mass Effect: Andromeda Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Crysis 3 Hunter Edition Battlefield 1 Deluxe Edition STAR WARS Jedi: Anthem of th..

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Selling accounts - Buy an account – Origin

Origin is an online distribution platform for the well–known American company Electronic Arts, abbreviated EA, which develops games and network services. Among the assortment of the Origin store are such popular games as:
• Apex Legends;
• Sims;
• Fifa;
• Battlefield;
• and others.
Electronic Arts can undoubtedly be safely attributed to the world leaders of the industry. The audience of Apex Legends players exceeds 100 million, FIFA – 25 million, The Sims - 36 million. In 2021, the publisher released 13 new games, EA projects attracted 42 million new players.

Some reasons to buy an Origin account

On sale in the Origin store, you can find not only EA games, but also third-party projects, some of the games presented are exclusive and not available for purchase, provided only to account holders.
Game lovers know that buying a swung account is significantly more profitable than buying a "naked" game directly in the EA store. The active development of the account purchase and sale market offers both a great option for a gamer to monetize his hobby, and for a novice player to save the opportunity to save both time and money. You will not need to spend your time pumping your account, for example, you want to play Battlefield 4, decide to buy an account and immediately get fighters with unlocked weapons, skins and lots of nice buns.
Another common reason to buy an account is that the prices in the store are very high, and if you want to try a new game, there is always a risk that the plot, game mechanics or other elements will not fit and will not like, in general, the game will cause rejection. Buying accounts with games allows you not to get burned on such an unpleasant situation for a tidy sum or even get rid of a toy you don't like at breakeven by reselling the account further.

Where can I buy an Origin account?

On the Stream Promotion platform, you will be able to pick up and buy an Origin account for your individual requests at a bargain price with a quality guarantee. In the section on the sale of Origin accounts, both accounts with a certain game and sets of several or a couple of dozen toys are presented, including those that have long gained popularity and the latest novelties. If you need a consultation, the company's support service is always ready to help.