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Twitter Accounts

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Selling accounts – Buy an account – Twitter

Twitter is a popular social network in the microblog format. The length of the publication in the Twitter account is limited, until the end of September 2017, the available volume was 140 characters, later it was increased to 280.

The active audience of Twitter has more than 325 million users worldwide, about 130 million of whom use the platform daily. Over 60% of the site's users are represented by the age segment from 35 years and above. In Russia, this social.the network was used by about 8 million people, after being blocked in March 2022, the figure decreased. Which is still not an argument to ignore Twitter when building a promotion strategy, so buying and selling Twitter accounts remains in demand.

Interesting Twitter accounts: Use for business

"In the future, there will be two types of companies on the market: those who are online, and those who have gone out of business forever." This idea was voiced by Bill Gates in the book "Business with the speed of Thought" in 1999. Almost a quarter of a century has passed since then, and now virtually any layman is able to fully realize the depth of the aforementioned prophetic phrase. Using Twitter, you can:

· share thoughts with subscribers;

· cover the news;

· promote services, products, brand;

· confirm expertise;

· find collaborations, partners, clients;

· reach an international audience;

· other.

Presence on Twitter is not limited to the publication of tweets and communication with users, you can use agents of influence (influencers) to increase loyalty to the promoted brand.
Reasons to Buy Twitter Accounts

If you decide to create a database of Twitter accounts yourself, be prepared for difficulties. Starting from the need to link to a mobile number (which means you will have to buy a lot of starter packages) or email to possible problems when creating accounts from the same IP address, up to blocking.

In the early stages of promotion, it is better to use some tricks to accelerate development, this will help you save time and budget. Choosing between registering a new account from scratch and buying a Twitter account with subscribers – it is worth giving preference to the latter option.

On the Stream Promotion platform, you can inexpensively buy promoted Twitter accounts in any quantity - wholesale or piece by piece. Do you have any questions or need a consultation? Our customer support specialists will be happy to help you.