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Cheat online

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The number of subscribers, views, and likes determines the popularity of an account on any social network or youtube. And if earlier it was possible to bring the group to the top by natural promotion, now you should not count on it. For youtube profiles and social groups, you must perform active actions, especially if they are recently created.

Online promotion requires that a video or text message becomes more popular and the video (text) is seen by more people. By enabling the service, a video or social group page can be guaranteed to be included in the recommended list. This means a large number of people who can be called users. Promotion of new videos and accounts follows a strict algorithm and promotes them in a certain thematic circle, so it's so easy to get into trends.

Popular ways to get inflated subscribers, likes, and a lot of views:

Purchase online on the relevant sites.
Mass activity.
Through the exchange of assignments.
Buying or creating bots in your own network.

Online cheating refers to methods prohibited by search engines. But it is important for promotion and many people resort to using it. The TikTok network does not block accounts for cheating yet, so many people use the Tool and make a profit.