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Sale of Epic Games accounts

Dummy Epic Games added Fortnite + native mail

Dummy Epic Games added Fortnite + native mail

Первая(родная) почта идет вместе с аккаунтом.2Fa аутентификация отключена.Почта на сайте рамблер руДанные вы получите в формате логин:пароль:почта:пароль.Аккаунт никем не использовался, с него никто не играл...

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Selling accounts - Buy an account - Epic Games

If you have a need to buy an Epic Games account with a quality guarantee at an affordable price, then you have come to the right place. Stream Promotion offers users a wide range of Epic Games accounts at affordable prices. Epic Games accounts with gta5 and other games are in great demand among gamers.

Epic Games is an American game and software developer with a marketplace selling multiplayer games. The company is known for the series of games Fortnite, Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto and Unreal Tournament, naturally the full list of games released by Epic Games is much wider. The number of users of the platform is growing thanks to competent marketing, for example, the free distribution of GTA 5 in the Epic Games Store in May 2020 increased the community of players by more than 7 million new users, while the number of active users of Epic Games products exceeds 60 million.

Buy an Epic Games account (Epic Games): what you need to consider

Pricing for the purchase and sale of Epic Games accounts depends on many parameters, the cost of the account may vary depending on:

· the number of games on the account;

· account region;

· account registration method;

· his rating and age;

· account achievements, etc.

Many gamers, in addition to enjoying the gameplay, resell their pumped accounts over time and thus monetize their hobby. The market for buying and selling Epic Games accounts and other gaming and not only platforms, social networks is constantly growing and developing. From the user's point of view, the purchase of an account is relevant for the reason that you do not need to pump it from scratch, the age of the account, its activity plays an important role in all kinds of promotions and giveaways. That is, by buying a ready-made account, you immediately get access to all the games and achievements of the previous owner.

Selling Epic Games accounts with games: an important nuance

Taking into account recent events, the region of the Epic Games account is important for Russian users. Use the marketplace and play better with a vpn so as not to be hit by multiple different locks and restrictions. In general, there is still the possibility of payment from Russia on the site, but there are a significant number of games to which access is limited.

In addition to buying a ready-made Epic Games account with the right games, you can use activation keys, but in many ways this is a more complicated way than buying a ready-made account for the reason that you first need to find a bona fide key seller. And for each game unavailable on the territory of the Russian Federation, you will need a key. For this reason, many users prefer to make a one-time purchase of an Epic Games account and proceed to its further use without additional problems.