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IRus is a social network in the phone with convenient sorting of content. Users can choose what they will watch, read or listen to. There is a function of subscribing to a channel and forming a feed. 

YARUS can become an alternative for Russian entrepreneurs who are looking for a new source of traffic or want to transfer the audience from FB, Instagram and other sources. 

The platform is not new, but it began to enjoy popularity after they started talking about blocking Western social networks. Now there is an opportunity to occupy a niche and promote new channels for receiving traffic. 

Why do I need to cheat YARUS?

New channels with a small number of subscribers and viewers receive little organic traffic. This is due to the fact that people do not want to take part in projects that attract little public attention. 

The promotion of viewers, subscribers and activity on the channel is needed for the following purposes:

1. Attracting the attention of the audience. 

2. Increasing the place in the rating of channels. 

3. Increase user loyalty. 

4. Monetization. 

5. Passing moderation of the system. 

6. Other. 

Entrepreneurs planning business and social projects themselves determine for what purposes, they need a starting cheat. This allows you to choose which tools to use and get the desired result. 

How to get a cheat? 

If you need a cheat, decide on the goals of your project, look at the information on the website and think about what suits you. You can order subscribers and view them in any quantity. There is an individual approach to each project, which will ensure safe and fast achievement of results. 

The work of our team will allow you to achieve organic traffic growth without blocking, attracting the attention of moderation. Subscribers are not bots, your channel will function as it should. 

Cheating subscribers will allow you to create audience activity when it is not there yet and attract the attention of new users. Cheating is cheaper than advertising, helps the project to take a place in a niche. 

The traffic attraction system is suitable for both small projects and the development of larger-scale brands. You get the opportunity to develop a channel on a domestic platform that will not disappear with time. Ideally, to promote the project, you need to use several traffic sources that will ensure a stable flow of the audience. 

If you decide to try the YARUS platform to host your content, decide in advance on the base number of subscribers and the goals of a potential project. It will be easier to plan the promotion.

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