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PARTICIPANTS ONLINE to your server - Discord

PARTICIPANTS ONLINE to your server - Discord

Live server participants who are always ONLINE

All participants:
* Online 24/7 (10 days)
* Avatars/Usernames (Random)
* Confirmed by phone
* Online User Status
The maximum number of participants per server is 80


Discord accounts (Without phone)

Discord accounts (Without phone)

Discord accounts ( WITHOUT PHONE )

Email: RamblerRegistration: AutoregNicknames: Random ENGAvatars: NoneGeo: MIX ( RU/UA/KZ )
Suitable for parsing, invite, etc.

Accounts have been inactive for about 3 days after registration


Discord Friend Requests [Cheap]

Discord Friend Requests [Cheap]

Specify the number and name in the link

Speed up to 600 per day

Execution per day..

(1000 = $3.20)

Discord members (CHEAP)

Discord members (CHEAP)

Quality: Live
Start: 0-60 Minutes
Speed: 1k/days
Warranty: 30 days
Not suitable for referrals and bonuses
Order fulfillment during the day



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Creating your own Discord server is not difficult, so anyone can do it. The server is a circle of people of interest created for communication, using various channels (text, voice), to search for teammates. The server can be either a small friendly place (for example, for a company of guys, girls, acquaintances in life, through the network), or a full-fledged serious project that is designed to find new acquaintances. In the second case, to recruit people to the Discord server, its promotion is necessary.

How to prepare the server for promotion?

Server preparation is the most important process for the administration. On an unprepared server, even if the most active, popular community will advertise it, a small number of people will connect - less than half of the declared number of "visitors".
Consider what is required to prepare the server:
1. Channel setup. If the server concerns a narrow topic, for example, a game Among Us, you need to create several voice channels for teams ("Team 1" (limit of 10 people), "Team 2” (10 people), "Team 3” (10 people) and so on). In order to just chat, search for teammates, listen to music – add a bot. You need to remember about creating text chats - describe the rules, create a text communication channel, server news, meet new participants, add channels if necessary;
2. Creating roles. Roles can be an interesting multi-level structure. The most frequent chat participants get the role of “Master”, rare — “Beginner”. Many servers set up "Acquaintance”, where the user can choose his gender (M, W, Sr), get the appropriate role;
3. Registration. Emoticons, giveaways in the names of channels, avatar, individual design of news, images sent.
It is worth remembering that you need to write a text for advertising and PR that will attract new groups of people, convey the essence of the server briefly, but clearly, so that new users do not have questions. So, people “in the topic” will be able to understand that they want to look at the channel, and this is already half the success.

Let's look at the best ways to advertise the Discord server

"Newcomers"- administrators are often lost when it comes to promotion methods, since the choice is diverse. There is both free promotion of the Discord server and paid advertising of the Discord server. Depending on the financial capabilities of the administrator and the seriousness of the server (it can be a simple server that was created for "ordinary communication" in a small circle of people, or maybe a large community, where in the future it will be possible not only to raise popularity, but also to earn). To promote a Discord server is not an easy job, requiring a serious approach, in creating a server, since if the Discord server advertisement is placed in a community with other interests, with a different target audience, it will only mean wasted money and time.

Discord promotion via Tick tok

One of the simple methods that requires little cost compared to the others. The already prepared text for advertising is simply superimposed on top of the video. Tick Current users can not show "bombastic" special effects, it is only necessary to make a pitch, for the interest of the target audience.
The captured video must be posted on a social network, having prepared a description in advance, hashtags on the subject. It is desirable to post it when many users visit the Internet and watch videos on Moscow time. You can see the time of the greatest load of the application among users by looking at statistics on thematic Tick-Tok sites.

Cheating an online server through bloggers

Bloggers are idols for many, have great respect and trust of the audience. Streamers have the same status — they are more suitable for advertising Discord servers because of their attitude to games. You can get acquainted with the price lists by writing to managers, to a PR account or to a work email. To advertise the Discord server in this way, you need to have a considerable amount of money, depending on the number of subscribers of the blogger.
It should be borne in mind that some bloggers have their own game server, in this case it is better to write directly to the server, and not through the manager and mail. This is a more effective way and will save time.

Special discord cheat sites

For the promotion of servers in Discord, as well as for others, there are special sites. The necessary resources can be found on the Internet — there will be many sites with different prices, methods, approaches. The same principle of operation of the bot for promotion.
But you need to remember that, unlike blogger advertising– the arrival of a live audience that is interested in the server, bloggers are advertised, bots for promotion, sites can wind up the same bots and people interested solely in earning money on joining (these sites pay people a small amount for joining servers, so that they subscribe to other social networks). It is questionable how many people from such an audience will remain, how many will be active, and how many will turn off the sound on their devices, forgetting about the server.
This method is convenient for those who just need a large number of subscribers so that people can see that the server is in the top and perhaps such a cheat on users will work.

Servers for PR

The best option for PR Discord server is another, more popular, server. Frantically searching for "Discord PR servers" in Google is not the best solution, there are few real participants here, most likely these are the same administrators who want to buy advertising.
The search for servers for advertising must be carried out according to the subject of the created server. For example, the server for the game "Genshin Impact" should be advertised in servers that have been accepting players of this game for a long time. For advertising, it is necessary to agree with the administrator about the time and cost.
It is undesirable to write directly to the chat about joining the Discord service, if there is a bot or a person who filters out such messages, can issue a warning, and in some cases immediately ban this server.

The question arises, is it worth doing a cheat?
Cheating is a way of advertising that adds the number of subscribers (participants), but this is not a guarantee of their activity. If you order a cheat, it's not a fact that

Cheating participants in the discord

We know how to wind up those who have joined at affordable prices.

Do you need to join a discord group? We have them =)


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Warranty: Perpetual warranty
Suitable for streaming
Speed: up to 1000 in 5 minutes
Minimum: 100
Maximum: 100000