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App installation, app reviews

Install the app and rate it 4/5 [Android | 4/5 Star]

Install the app and rate it 4/5 [Android | 4/5 Star]

Put a 5 rating, write a review, after installation

$1.34 (1000 = $1,339.99)

ID - 154
Install the app and rate it 4/5 [iPhone USA | 4/5 Star]

Install the app and rate it 4/5 [iPhone USA | 4/5 Star]

Put a 5 rating, write a review, after installation

$1.81 (1000 = $1,814.99)

ID - 724
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At Your request, users download the app and give it a rating of 5.

Install apps for money (rate the app)

In the early 2000s, the Internet appeared in every apartment. The second half of the 2000s was the Golden time of social media popularity. The time after 2010 was firmly occupied by applications for mobile platforms. At the beginning of 2015, there were about 1.6 million different apps in Google play.

What is the essence of earning money from installing apps?

Installing apps for money (rate the app) is a way to earn money on your smartphone. All the user has to do is click on the link in Google Play or AppStore, download the app, install it, and then open it. Sometimes you need to put a rating and make reviews. According to the conditions, in most cases, you can safely delete the app after launching. For each download and installation, the user will receive a certain monetary reward.

Who pays for this?

Tasks are paid for by advertisers – usually developers. Payment is not made directly, but through special services that the user will work with. This is necessary for two main reasons:

* Distribute the app. The percentage of people who download the app for money will use it. This is what apps are created for. But this is not the main goal. Most often, the developer, in this way, winds up users;

* Cheating. Among a huge number of technologies, the store's internal search engine is used. The number of downloads is almost the most important factor in the ranking algorithm. The more people download the app, the closer it will be to the top of the search results. This is what advertisers or developers pay for.

Do I need attachments?

This is free, no attachments are required. Any services are free for users, as well as applications for downloading.

What will it take to get started?

All users already have everything. These are smartphones or tablets running on popular operating systems. And of course, you need Internet access, desire and a little time.

Are you sure it's safe?

This way of earning money is completely safe. Among the applications, there are mainly managers and various services, such as delivery. The administration of the services where tasks are published values their reputation very much and checks the applications. Viruses should not be afraid – they are not there.

How much can you earn?

We can't talk about exact figures. Each user will work differently – with their own speed. The average earnings will be from 100 rubles a day. This is a good additional income that does not require high qualifications. There are enough advertisers for everyone.

Such earnings do not require a lot of time and if you do not need a million, then at your leisure you can replenish your wallet with a small, but independently earned amount.