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Fraud in Telegram

Subscribers to a group for Telegram

Subscribers to a group for Telegram

Only for the group
No activity
Super fast startup
Up to 8 o'clock start!
Minimum of 100
The rate of 10K a day!
Only for public groups(OPEN)
Link example:


Subscribers to the group for Telegram [CIS GUARANTEE]

Subscribers to the group for Telegram [CIS GUARANTEE]

CIS Subscribers, most of the Russian-speaking,
Real accounts, so there will be unsubscribes !!!!!!!
Possibly active
Warranty 30 days
0-24 hours Start!
Speed 2K per day!
Minimum of 100
Maximum 10K
Adult, casino, pacifiers are n..


Subscribers to the Telegram channel

Subscribers to the Telegram channel

Per channel only
No activity. Bots 100%.
0-3 hours Start!
At least 100.
Maximum 3.000.
speed 2K-10K per day!
Only for public channels.
Link example:

(1000 = $3.52)

Views for Telegram

Views for Telegram

Views on the last post
Start 0-1 hour!
Delivery 24 hours
Minimum of 100..

(1000 = $0.16)

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Cheat subscribers to the Telegram

We do wrap all the social networks and telegram is no exception. Tasks are performed by real people, not bots.

Cheat hits is also important if You have a lot of subscribers and few views is suspicious.

Wrapping views in Telegram

Telegrams has long been messenger No. 1, displacing their more or less popular competitors. And since then, how did the opportunity to create a community, and it is recognized full-fledged social network.

Those who keeps up with the times, has long been settled in the Cart, set up their community and successfully develop. Here, many niches remain free and have the opportunity to escape to the leaders and to make a profit.

To collect the cream, left only to figure out how to draw on your channel active and paying audience of millions of users. Because statistics says that it is here the percentage of involvement is the highest. By signing up to the community, the user ALREADY interested in the product or service, it is important to prepare the best offer and your clients!

Who chooses the service?

Bloggers. Cheat subscribers and views Telegrams will allow you to quickly display the channel to the TOP. So to promote their ideas to the masses will be easier, the audience will quickly appreciate the content, and you will be able to earn from advertising other communities.

Corporations. There is no better the way to Express yourself! Through Telegrams channel increase online sales, develop loyalty with your target audience, promoted the brand. The messenger no restrictions on theme and direction of the content. There is an opportunity to Express his philosophy, to talk about the benefits, to offer the best products to leave contacts and links to websites.

Specialists in various fields. Work in the Network? Then feel free to promote your services through Telegrams-channel. This is perfect for SEO specialists, marketologov, photographers, web designers, etc.

The benefits of cheating subscribers and hits in Telegrams

Cheat subscribers is an important and necessary tool that shows new users who have come to you that the content on the channel is of interest. The audience always active on channels with a strong audience and a large number of hits. It means it really, or interesting, or profitable.

Daily through Telegrams users send 80 billion messages, the number of hits various channels is more than 40 billion Cheat open to business owners excellent prospects for development. We're talking about increasing the number of customers in the database, the communication with them the formation of a trusting relationship.

Want subscribers more than 70%? Feel free to order get followers and hits in Telegrams from professionals. Quickly, efficiently and most importantly safely execute the task.

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Up to 20 viewers

The divergence of the -10%

Bypass scanning

Technical support

A full refund in case of technical failure (0 spectators)

Validity period 1 day

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1 chat bot for Twitch broadcast.

You can give me a list of phrases!


It is important for Twitch! Let me not write followers without confirmed addresses.

At the moment the number of ready-made chat bots:

Twitch - 11000 pieces

A chat bot for 1 stream.

$0.01 $0.08

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Balance replenishment

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