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Website development

Creating a website for auto resale via Api

Creating a website for auto resale via Api

Creating a website for resale based on CMS - SMART PANEL or PERFECT PANELPurchase of a domain and hosting for a yearFilling the site with our productsCheck the details in Telegram - @TiKey_K
If you choose a no Perfect panel (rent), scripts (SMART ..

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Your own website is an opportunity to have your own representation in the network and take your business to a new level. Today, even a shawarma shop has a representation on the Internet. To grow sales and achieve your goals, it’s not enough to create a resource on a constructor or order a programmer. Website development should be complex.

The project is developed specifically for each company, individual or entrepreneur personally. It is important to take into account the specifics of the business and work out the details. Stream Promotion offers the creation of websites of any type for business and personal purposes.

Who needs a web resource?

Website development is necessary for everyone who sells goods and services, creates their own brand and wants to take their work to a new level. A web resource must be in such cases:

• you have created a volunteer organization;

• you have your own company;

• there is a business and it is necessary to expand sales channels;

• creation of own brand;

• you plan to make money on advertising;

• other.

Types of websites to order

The company creates any kind of sites that are necessary to achieve your goals. An adaptive approach and integrated solutions are used. The most popular types of projects that are ordered:

1. Business card. A small resource for presenting the services of a private specialist or team.

2. Corporate. The resource is created for the company. The goal is to communicate with clients, search for new partners, contacts, investors, etc.

3. Online store. A great resource for selling digital or physical goods. It has a virtual storefront, an online payment plugin, a feedback form and a support service.

4. Information sites. Such resources are created to work with traffic, make money on advertising, create a brand, etc.

5. Portals. These are great resources created to disseminate information. It can be a combination of one theme or different ones.

Benefits of website development

Your own web resource opens up a number of prospects that cannot be replaced by any advertising tool. These include:

1. Getting organic traffic. Advertising stops working exactly at the moment when you stop paying for it. The web page will allow you to get customers from search engines, which saves money.

2. Create your own brand. Dissemination of information on the Internet, positioning as an expert open up an opportunity to strengthen your reputation in the market and attract a new audience.

3. Ability to automate the workflow and sales. The site does not need to pay a salary, but it works around the clock. If professionals are involved in the development and promotion of the resource, then the profitability of the business can be increased by at least 30%.

Order website development in Stream Promotion

Development begins with the definition of the goals of its creation. You must understand why you need a resource and what you are going to do with it. The choice of template, functionality, content, etc. depends on this.

If you have clear goals, then it will be much cheaper to create a project than in the case of a set of chaotic ideas. This is because you don't have to pay for plugins that you won't use. If you have a small store with up to 100 products and there are no plans to expand the range, then it makes no sense to create a portal with 1000 pages that will not be fully used.

The company creates effective sites that work 100% and earn money for their owners. You need to understand for what purpose you will create a site. If you have difficulty choosing the type of resource, do not know what will suit your business, call us. The company's specialists will help you determine the technical requirements and create a truly effective website for you.


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