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Tidal listening to a playlist

Tidal listening to a playlist

The link is indicated on the playlist
High quality
Auditions are distributed evenly to all tracks in the playlist
Example: 10k auditions for 10 tracks = 1k auditions for 1 track
Speed: 1-3k per day
Start: 0-24 hours..

$0.02 (1000 = $23.80)

ID - 746
Tidal subscribers in profile

Tidal subscribers in profile

The link is indicated to the artist (profile)
High quality
Speed: 1-3k per day
Start: 0-24 hours..

$0.06 (1000 = $61.20)

ID - 747
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Tidal is a music service that allows musicians to receive royalties for listening to their songs. There is a lot of competition on the platform and it is difficult for newcomers to become visible to the public. If you decide to seriously develop in Tidal, cheating indicators is one of the options to make money quickly and get your audience.

How does Tidal promote?

On the platform, you can wind up listening and subscribers. The Stream Promotion service offers the opportunity to promote your channel in a short time and achieve your goals.

Look at the current offers, choose the appropriate format of cooperation and apply directly on the site. In situations where there are questions, offers appeared or you did not find what you were looking for, call the phone number on the site and the managers will help you resolve your request.

What is worth knowing when winding up indicators?

Cheating can work both for good and for harm. There was a big scandal associated with the Tidal platform when Beyoncé's husband screwed up more streams for his wife and old friend Kanye West than there were users on the platform.

This allowed the musicians to receive more than 2 million euros at the expense of other users. The case was taken up by the Norwegian prosecutor's office because the incident gained wide publicity. This is what incorrect work and greed mean.

The promotion of indicators should be gradual and natural. Stream Promotion knows how to make promotions safe, natural and highly effective. Before placing an order, you must have a goal for what you will do it.

Having goals will allow you to get a high return on your efforts and understand how to proceed. In addition, specifics help to optimize costs and choose only working tools to promote your project.

Pros of cheating for the Tidal service

The advantages of cheating indicators for the service include:

1. Security. The cheating of indicators occurs naturally, without fraud and blocking.

2. Efficiency. If you immediately decide what your promotion is for, and what goals it will allow you to achieve, this will allow you to choose effective tools for work and optimize promotion costs.

3. Benefit. The cost of cheating plays and subscribers is small compared to the income that can be received after passing the moderation of the system.

Order cheating today, fill out an application on the website or call.